A chinese sage by elizabeth jennings essay

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A chinese sage by elizabeth jennings essay

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A chinese sage by elizabeth jennings essay

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See Elizabeth Jennings Graham for the American civil rights figure of the same name. Elizabeth Jennings July 20, — October 25, was an English poetnoted for her clarity of style and simplicity of literary approach. Her Roman Catholicism coloured much of her work.

A chinese sage by elizabeth jennings essay

Jennings was born in Lincolnshirebut her family moved to Oxford when she was six. There she later attended St Anne's College. After graduation, she became a librarian. She is not generally regarded as an innovator. Her work displays a simplicity of metre and rhyme shared with Philip LarkinKingsley Amis and Thom Gunnall members of the group of English poets known as The Movement.

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She always made it clear that, whilst her life, which included a spell of severe mental illnesscontributed to the themes contained within her work, she did not write explicitly autobiographical poetry.

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