An analysis of the characteristics of a designated hitter in the major league baseball

This is consistent with LHP being tougher to run on in general. To look at base-stealing from the "who's pitching? Breaking these into left- and right-handed pitchers gave the following totals:

An analysis of the characteristics of a designated hitter in the major league baseball

What better time than now to perform our first MLB players census? Fans of the blog will remember our previous work on the NFL census and the NBA censuswhich turned out to be very interesting looks into the diversity of professional athletes. The MLB census has been a slightly different experience for me, as I am not as big a fan of baseball as I am of football and basketball.

The Designated-Hitter Rule in Baseball as a Natural Experiment

That being said, of the three censuses that have been conducted here on the Best Tickets Blog, I have found this one the most interesting. There are so many stories behind the faces of Major League Baseball, and the international influence is immense. Fans and non-fans alike should find this study interesting.

The broad categories include pitcher, outfielder, infielder, designated hitter and catcher. Below, a look at how our broad positions are distributed throughout the league. Teams must cycle through pitchers from game to game in order to prevent injury, so it is important to have a wide selection of pitchers at your disposal.

In some cases, pitchers are not even expected to play full games. With a mere 15 designated hitters currently in the league, DH is the only position in the league where there are fewer players than teams. Below, we dive a bit deeper into our positional analysis by further narrowing our broad positions into the following specific positions: They are followed in frequency by the starting pitchers, and then by catchers.

Left fielders are the first players from the outfield to approach the top of the list of most common positions. One of our favorite lenses to use when looking at the pro sports censuses is salary.

How much do these guys make on average? We all know baseball players get paid a lot, but which position is the most lucrative? Youngsters, you now know what sport to pursue, and which position to play. The discrepancy in pay between an elite reliever and an elite starting pitcher is immense.

The prime example of this is David Ortiz, who has been in the league for 17 years. With high pay and apparent job security, that first base position is the place to be.

The unlucky relief pitcher has the shortest average career. With that being said, two of the three players with the longest careers in our study are relief pitchers.

An analysis of the characteristics of a designated hitter in the major league baseball

Only Derek Jeter has been in the league for as long. Jamey Wright of the LA Dodgers, with 18 years of experience, has had the second-longest career of all the players currently in the league.

Baseball features another player characteristic that is important for us to analyze: Below is a quick breakdown of which hand players use to throw and hit.

In particular, throwing left-handed is a good way to boost your salary. Switch hitters are few and far between, but thanks to their uncommon ability, they tend to demand a higher price tag. In the entire league, there are only six left-handed switch hitters and they happen to be the most uncommon type of player as far as handedness is concerned.50 Biggest Baseball Myths By Brandon Toropov () Myth # 50 Biggest Baseball Myths: The New York Mets were the worst team in the history of Major League Baseball..

Dave Winfield threw a baseball that killed a sea gull in midflight.. Candy Cummings invented the curveball.. The designated hitter rule was the brainchild of . Jan 29,  · In major league baseball, a free agent is a baseball player with six or more years of major league service whose contract has expired for the following season, or is an amateur player who was not drafted by a team in the annual draft.

Share Adam Wainwright on the Designated Hitter, The Shift, and The difference of the leagues is one of the beautiful things about baseball. The National League brand of baseball is a beautiful game, and I think, the I would argue (pretty confidently) that if you asked every major leaguer their opinion of the shift the results would be.

Performance Measurement of Major League Baseball Teams Using Network DEA Herbert F. Lewis Abstract Data envelopment analysis (DEA) has been extensively applied to the American League allows the use of a designated hitter team characteristics (winning percentage and market size), and.

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Designated Hitter Do you prefer a bases loaded double that clears the bases and involves an exciting play at home plate? Or a boring three-run homerun where the base runners trot around the bases, while the defense stands around with dazed looks on their faces?

An analysis of the characteristics of a designated hitter in the major league baseball

Do you prefer stolen bases, s.

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