Anglian water business plan 2015-2016

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Anglian water business plan 2015-2016

Is the tribunal system corrupt? But many people who go through the system are left deeply unhappy and with the sense that it has failed them. Some conclude that it is corrupt. If they do, there will be grounds for appeal. There are no smoke-filled back-rooms where favours are exchanged or arms twisted.

anglian water business plan 2015-2016

Employment Judges are doing what they claim to be doing: More than that, the vast majority are highly-competent, dedicated professionals who work hard at a difficult and stressful job. It often fails and often causes genuine injustice.

The tribunal has to apply the the law and procedure it is given. The law is imperfect — sometimes simply unfair — so applying it does lead to injustice. They are flawed people like the rest of us. When this happens, it can lead to unfair results. And — like everyone else on the planet — judges have their own assumptions and inherent preferences.

Some do have an instinctive preference for the authority figure in the case. Others have an anti-authoritarian streak. Most cases will end with the same result, regardless of the judge.

Beyond the inevitable individual kinks of the judiciary, any legal system simply has its limits. There is no perfect system that will always get the right result.

In every case, tribunals hear evidence, consider submissions and try to reach the right decision. When they start hearing a case, tribunals know nothing about the parties and have no knowledge of the relevant events.

And tribunals have no magic powers to detect honesty. Cross-examination can illuminate the truth, but it can also obscure it. All lawyers have had cases where a witness they believed to be basically honest fell apart and was made to look thoroughly shifty under cross-examination, because they got confused or brow-beaten.

This problem is made worse by unfairnesses and imbalances within society. In an ideal world, everyone who came before the tribunal would be competently represented and have much the same resources, not only in terms of money, but also intelligence, education, language and confidence.

Tribunals are not unaware of these issues; they do their best to see past them. But all the same, all too often the parties are not on an equal footing. In the context of employment this normally means the employee is disadvantaged. Any justice system is imperfect and the employment tribunal is no exception.

Claimants do win their cases and receive their compensation. More than that, the existence of the tribunal and its ability to hold employers to account does have a wider impact on employment relationships.Roche Sell Major Office Investment. Roche chartered surveyors have completed the sale of a regional office portfolio on behalf of a private investor.

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Submission documents. The following documents were submitted to the Secretary of State on 16th March for independent examination. S1 Harborough Local Plan ; S2 Duty to Cooperate Statement (March ); S3 Submission Consultation Statement (March ); S4 Schedule - Proposed Modifications; S5 Submission Policies Map.

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