Ap style phd

Note that these are possessives and should contain apostropheswhereas formal names of specific degrees are never possessive. Associate degree is never possessive. I collected a few dozen associate degrees before deciding to become a freelance writer. These abbreviations should be used only with full names, and they should be set off with commas.

Ap style phd

Here is a sampling of frequently asked questions, with examples of AP style used in answers. In a news story, can you start a sentence with an acronym? Democratic Party; popular names: Why is atheist not capitalized while Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.

We follow Webster's on that term, which is lowercase. Great Depression is capitalized and so is American Revolution. How about Civil Rights Movement? AP lowercases civil rights movement.

When referring to a time span, I never know when to use a dash to separate the two times ex. Should the names of decades be capitalized when written out?

Use Arabic figures to indicate decades of history: Is the age of an inanimate object expressed in numerals or spelled out? Always use figures for people, animals and objects: In denoting area, which is correct for numbers under 10 -- 5 acres or five acres?

AP uses the numeral for acres, even when less than 10, as a dimension: Mideast; Northwest; northeast Minnesota; Pennsylvania Ave. Lowercase the compass point - central Louisiana -- unless it's a widely known section, as in Southern California or South Florida. I'm confused on the use of "that" and "who" when talking about groups.

Use "that" for a thing, "who" for the personal pronoun, although "that" also fits some human references Q: In this instance, use a plural verb. My AP Stylebook always lists examples in italics, so it's difficult to see if italics are part of the style.

For example, are newspapers italicized?

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AP doesn't use italics in news stories. That includes newspaper names and magazine references. The stylebook uses italics for examples only. Is there a standard AP style for bulleted areas of text? AP uses dashes, not bullets, for lists in news stories that follow a colon.

After each dash, capitalize the first letter and use periods at the end of each section. A months confinement or a month's confinement? Veterans benefits, lowercase and not a possessive, is usually a descriptive term.

Is clarity essentially the only rule determining when a serial comma should be included?

When to Abbreviate Academic Degrees

In a simple series, AP doesn't use a comma before the last item. For a series of complex terms, though, use commas after each for clarity. What is AP's style on the military's don't ask, don't tell policy? Do music groups take singular verbs, as do collective nouns, or plural verbs, as with sports teams?

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AP Stylebook entry on "collective nouns" says band names take plural verbs. The Fantastic Shakers have won many awards Q:Build on your skills and boost your IT career with a specialized information Degree programs: Information Assurance, Cybersecurity, IT Education.

Style. There is a reason this is called a punctuation grupobittia.com attempts to provide guidance, rather than black-and-white rules. The grammatical use of punctuation is fairly settled; punctuation style, on . However, these style guides, along with the 16th edition of "The Chicago Manual of Style" and AP style, do allow the use of such titles at the end of names in the text, when needed.

Formatting In Chicago and MLA style, a Ph.D. title is not included in the references, but it can be included in the text. Ask the Editor Frequently Asked Style Questions.

Welcome to Ask the Editor, a forum on writing, style and phrasing issues that go beyond the pages of the AP Stylebook. Jan 20,  · Improperly referencing credentials can be seen as impolite.

Ap style phd

Learn the rules for abbreviating and capitalizing academic degrees in AP style to avoid issues. Home» AP Style» AP Style Academic Degrees Sometimes it is necessary to establish the credentials of a subject in your text. When you need to do this, the AP Stylebook prefers you to write out the title of a degree in a phrase and to avoid using an abbreviation.

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