Compare and contrast the significance for

Table of Contents Section 1: In this section you will Reflect on your own experiences with comparative thinking strategies. Examine a range of student work that demonstrates comparative thinking.

Compare and contrast the significance for

Significance vs. Importance

Linear contrasts are very useful and can be used to test complex hypotheses when used in conjunction with ANOVA or multiple regression. In essence, each contrast defines and tests for a particular pattern of differences among the means.

A more complex contrast can test differences among several means ex. When means are assigned different coefficients either in magnitude or direction, or boththe contrast is testing for a difference between those means.

A contrast may be any of: In the last context, the term contrast variable is sometimes used. Contrasts are sometimes used to compare mixed effects. A common example is the difference between two test scores — one at the beginning of the semester and one at its end.

Note that we are not interested in one of these scores by itself, but only in the contrast in this case — the difference.


Since this is a linear combination of independent variables, its variance equals the weighted sum of the summands' variances; in this case both weights are one.

This "blending" of two variables into one might be useful in many cases such as ANOVAregressionor even as descriptive statistics in its own right.

If this new linear combination has a mean zero, this will mean that there is no evidence that the old treatments are different from the new treatment on average.

Compare and contrast the significance for

If the sum of the new linear combination is positive, there is some evidence the strength of the evidence is often associated with the p-value computed on that linear combination that the combined mean of the 5 standard treatments is higher than the new treatment mean.

Analogous conclusions obtain when the linear combination is negative. The usual results for linear combinations of independent random variables mean that the variance of a contrast is equal to the weighted sum of the variances.

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This helps to minimize the Type I Error Ratethe rate of falsely rejecting a true null hypothesis. Because orthogonal contrasts test different aspects of the data, they are independent, the results of one contrast has no effect on the results of the other contrasts.

When contrasts are not orthogonal, they are not testing completing different aspects of the data, the results of one contrast can then influence the results of other contrasts. This can increase the chance of falsely rejecting a true null hypothesis.

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Compare and contrast the significance for

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