Debunking the myth about the post world war ii golden marriages

Jihadization Each of these phases is unique and has specific signatures… The NYPD shows its grasp of the realities of 4GW by not seeing the enemy as a structure or organization: Al-Qaeda has provided the inspiration for homegrown radicalization and terrorism; direct command and control by al-Qaeda has been the exception rather than the rule among the case studies reviewed in this study… Rather, it radicalization is a phenomenon that occurs because the individual is looking for an identity and a cause… Salafist Islam provides the identity and cause these young men are seeking -- and as a number of the case studies show, it has an appeal beyond ethnic boundaries. The NYPD study correctly notes that:

Debunking the myth about the post world war ii golden marriages

Mormon women are leaving the Church at higher rates than men due to gender issues in the Church Mormon men leave the Church at a much, much higher rate than women.

Ironically, in the same issue where its journalists discussed women leaving the Church over gender issues, the New York Times paradoxically pointed out that the sex ratios in the Mormon marriage market are incredibly low i.

Furthermore, a trend analysis shows men are increasingly more likely to leave the Church compared to women over time. While some women are undoubtedly leaving the Church over gender issues, perhaps the phenomenon of men disproportionately leaving the Church merits as much attention.

Jensen in a class at Utah State in I am especially dubious that this is true if the post-martyrdom succession crisis is included, when a significant portion of the Church chose not to follow Brigham Young.

Furthermore, talk of apostasy is important to place in the context of the general secularizing trend that the US is experiencing across all religions.

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Usually when people assert an increased level of Mormon apostasy, they offer a quick ad hoc explanation women and the priesthood, Proposition 8, availability of information on the Internet, etc. I address more about this in item 7, but suffice it to say that the United States is becoming less religious in general, so nearly all religions appear to be losing active adherents.

Debunking the myth about the post world war ii golden marriages

Psychological research has shown that masturbation is healthy for your sexuality This one is occasionally trumpeted by some corners of the Mormon blogosphere. For being such widespread conventional wisdom even among some professionals this idea enjoys surprisingly little empirical support.

Miguel Costa published a concise review of the empirical literature on this topic in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, one of the top sexuality journals in the US. A large portion of the homeless in Utah are gay Mormons who have been expelled from their families optional addition: Any census of transient homeless people is going to be naturally difficult and rely on a lot of empirical assumptions.

In regards to the gay suicide rate; once again, I always hear this one but nobody seems to be able to direct me towards what study actually quantified this.

Coming up with an accurate estimate of who was gay, especially when they may not be out of the closet yet, is also problematic; consequently, the intersection of these two difficult-to-quantify figures makes me skeptical that such a figure it grounded in empirical substance.

I haven't carefully followed up on all the citations used here, but this blogpost seems to flesh out a lot of the issues really well. Of course, any gay Mormon suicide rate above zero is too high, and I applaud efforts to reduce the gay suicide rate in general and in Mormondom in particular, but any efforts to do so should be based on real figures and not statistical innuendo.

The Church needs to get with the times or risk dying off The churches that try to be on what they see as the frontier of social sentiment are precisely that ones with the lowest growth rates. It is true that some of this is attributable to the fact that people in liberal churches have fewer children [8]but the fact remains that conversion from conservative to liberal churches is quite rare, more liberals switch to conservative churches than vice-versa, and that liberal churches have higher apostasy rates into irreligiosity.

Mormons are disproportionately depressed This conclusion appeals to the same logical fallacies as the pornography issue I discussed earlier. This is undoubtedly a complicated issue but simple "Utah characteristics equals Mormon-caused" equivalences do not help matters.

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The divorce rate is increasing The divorce rate is decreasing. If one compared the divorce rate now to the divorce rate in the s, then yes, it is higher. Part of this trend is the fact that the marriage rate is lower than it once was, with many more couples simply living together instead of marrying.

No-fault divorce laws are bad This position is curious since Mormons were pioneers in no-fault divorce. In the early Utah era popular Eastern misconceptions about brainwashed, abused polygamous wives notwithstandingwomen were liberally granted divorces with hardly any questions asked.

They could enter a marriage whenever they wanted due to polygamyand they could leave whenever they wanted. No-fault divorce helps empower abused women, especially those with comparatively fewer resources to buy legal assistance compared to men.

By granting women the ability to gain a simple and quick divorce, it also grants them more leverage in a marital relationship which otherwise may be characterized by inequality.

Debunking the myth about the post world war ii golden marriages

A popular sitcom showing more sexually explicit scenes only says something about the culture that produced it and is consuming it: In terms of the US, some indicators are getting better and some are not.

Despite large increases in our standard of living, happiness levels in the United States have remained relatively stagnant, and economic inequality and extramarital sex have increased.

There is a general sentiment that US citizens are more socially isolated than we were in the past, but even this is part of an ongoing debate.

Church practice has become more strict in some spheres, less strict in other, so how would we judge these things even among our own faith community?Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

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Nov 27,  · The Globalist Deep State Agenda: Controlling All Media and the Free Flow. Anyone with a general interest in World War II and the war in the Pacific, or a specific interest in war crimes and international law, will be interested in this book.

Judith White, The Seventh Etching—a Golden Age Family Drama, (, ). Muhammad and Idolatry. Sam Shamoun. One thing that sticks out in Islam is that most of the rites and practices adopted into the religion are actually pagan customs that Muhammad claimed were sanctioned by God.

In fact, we find that Muhammad before, during, and after his mission continued to perform rites that from a biblical perspective .

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