Dissertation committee ethics

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Dissertation committee ethics

Marking and resubmission Title and Ethics Statement and Research Policy Before the semester two examination period you must agree with your dissertation supervisor the title of your proposed dissertation.

If you are unsure of your title, please do not delay in completing the form as you can make minor changes until the submission of your dissertation. It is important that you Dissertation committee ethics carefully the guidelines on ethical approval and complete the ethics statement.

The University has a strict policy on the ethics of conducting research with human participants. If you or your supervisor Dissertation committee ethics that your research raises ethical issues, then you may need to apply for ethical approval before you start collecting data for your project.

To provide guidance to staff and students so as to ensure that particularly primary research and specifically research with members of the public or other students undertaken by PGT students is conducted within an appropriate framework.

Dissertation committee ethics

This policy applies to both research undertaken as a part of coursework and to that for a dissertation. Most research a PGT student undertakes as part of their course will not involve more than minimal ethical risk. Where ethical issues are most likely to occur fieldwork or extensive research for a dissertation for example there must be evidence of adequate supervision and approval.

In particular, no primary research involving human subjects is to be begun by any student without a a discussion having first taken place with a faculty member normally a supervisor or tutor about any potential ethical issues and b written approval being obtained of any research process and instruments by the student from the supervisor of the research.

In certain circumstances specified below it will also be necessary to obtain prior approval for the research design from an Ethics committee of the University Full Ethics Approval. For any research work involving human beings and for the dissertation, students are required to complete an Ethics Approval form: For any research that requires Full Ethics Approval further documentation is required: Three key stakeholders in the research process might be adversely affected by the conduct of the research: Their interests must be safeguarded.

Research that might, for example, involved children or young adults anyone aged under 18respondents who are ill or infirm has to be subject to Full Ethics Approval. Research into topics that might be considered intrusive or private, such as sexual orientation or behaviour potentially criminal activity such as drug taking obtaining confidential information such as precise income has to be subject to Full Ethics Approval.

In most research involving members of the public the principle of informed consent will be paramount. Respondents need to be competent to respond to any survey and to understand what will happen to their data. Good practice might include briefing the respondent before they are asked to participate or giving them the option to withdraw at any time from the process, even after the end of any interview.

A written statement should be agreed with the supervisor to be included in any survey at beginning or end to ensure informed consent. For a questionnaire survey it may be perfectly adequate to assume informed consent if the respondent returns or completes the survey. Only in exceptional circumstances should consent be sought in writing as this creates separate data protection issues.

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Data with the potential to identify the respondent must only be stored electronically on an encrypted device computer or memory device or, if on hard copy, in a locked cabinet.

No student should be put or allow themselves to be put in potential danger by undertaking research here.

For example students might be encouraged to work in pairs when approaching members of the public. They should be discouraged from giving out personal contact details such as a private address and phone number and encouraged to use University contact details instead.

Two monitor issues need to be addressed by course committees or MBS divisions: Inadequate or incomplete documentation creates delays in the approval process.

Guidelines for Postgraduate Students In carrying out their work researchers inevitably face ethical dilemmas which arise out of competing obligations and conflicts of interest. All research proposals involving data collection involving human participants normally requires prior ethical approval to ensure the safety, rights, dignity and well-being of the participant and those of the researcher.

Ethical approval should not be considered as a bureaucratic obstacle; it is a mechanism for ensuring and demonstrating that the design of your research respects the rights of those who are the participants of the research.

Examples of activities for which approval is required include questionnaire and interview based research involving sensitive or confidential issues, telephone interviewing or recording by audio or video tape and contact with participants who are children or considered as potentially vulnerable adults.

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Dissertation committee ethics

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