Egon zehnder management appraisal

Given his deep understanding of the entire value chain of the semiconductor and technology industry, he has helped boards of directors of companies in all aspects of consulting, non-executive board appointments, C-suite executive searches, and management appraisal. He has also developed continuing interest in researching in and emerging insights into the fields of organization structure in globalization, talent landscape in Asia Pacific, and corporate governance in China.

Egon zehnder management appraisal

What has the author mentioned in terms of indices and measures of performance? Outline how this varies in a global project team and what could be the approach in these circumstances.

An issue that has generated increasing discussion and debate amongst senior management in recent years is that of Management Appraisal Systems.

Most organisations today, ranging from the largest and most mature companies to small start-up entrepreneurial ventures, now have management appraisal systems. Even the public sector has moved to increasing use of these processes. At the same time there are increasing trends towards making these systems more sophisticated through mechanisms such as 'o appraisals'.

However, in spite of the fact that these systems are so commonly used, many organizations find that they are dissatisfied with what these systems achieve.

Egon zehnder management appraisal

This article aims to give a perspective on management appraisal systems and their application in many organizations as seen in the experience of Egon Zehnder International. The article will examine three key aspects of the topic: The importance of Management Appraisal Systems Observations of current practice Egon Zehnder International's perspective Egon Zehnder International has a somewhat unique international perspective on the appraisal of executives.

As a Firm, Egon Zehnder International interviews overexecutives a year and forms a view about applicants' suitability for various business roles.

A large proportion of these interviewees also undergo a detailed assessment and appraisal Egon zehnder management appraisal part of the selection process. This experience is complemented by our rapidly growing practice in management assessments. We now work for an increasing number of national and global companies in helping senior executives assess their management talent.

This is generally carried out as part of an approach to ensure the organisation is aligned around a strategy. It is therefore from this perspective that we present the following analysis.

The importance of Management Appraisal Systems At its heart the management appraisal process aims to be one which provides executives with clear feedback on their performance and their strengths and weaknesses in addressing the responsibilities and challenges associated with their role.

Ideally it is designed to be a process which provides an accurate view of current performance, an assessment of executive potential and agrees specific development actions which should be taken by the executive in order to reach their potential.

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Through this process, organisations should receive a clear and accurate view of the capability of the executives working within them, particularly with regard to senior executives. Yet it is clear that in many cases Management Appraisal Systems are not working effectively. At a macro level we know that one third of CEOs in Fortune companies have lasted fewer than three years in their role.

In part, this reflects the fact that the business world is becoming an increasingly challenging environment and it is becoming more difficult to establish an effective leadership agenda. However, a failure rate of a third of chief executives also implies that organizations are having great difficulty assessing the capability of senior executives to take on new challenges and difficulty giving those executives the guidance to develop the competencies required of their role.

Effective Management Appraisal systems should aid this. Appraisal systems are also important because of their potential to encourage high performance. Recent research indicates that the difference between high and average performers in a senior executive role can be one or two orders of magnitude in terms of their impact on shareholder value.

There are significant differences that clearly indicate there are benefits to both understanding who the organisational high performers are and also encouraging development processes that enable average performers to increase their capability and effectiveness.

Why might this be so? Observations of current practice In many cases, there are real weaknesses in current execution of management appraisal systems.

Egon zehnder management appraisal

At Egon Zehnder International we find that less than half of the senior executives we deal with in client organisations have actually been appraised or evaluated in the last twelve months. That is; while the organisation has systems in place, they tend to be lax in applying those systems to their senior executives.

This problem is compounded by the fact that many of the basic systems themselves are flawed in various ways. Furthermore, we find that even when there are good appraisal systems in place, organisations suffer greatly because of the lack of candour which is used in their application.

The need for quality feedback Dick Brown, CEO of EDS, was quoted in a recent Harvard Business Review as saying 'By failing to provide honest feedback, leaders cheat their people by depriving them of the information they need to improve.

The issue relates to the word "honest". The problem is that in many appraisal systems the view given is only that of the leader on the performance and capability of the executive.

But is the leader's opinion valid?

Successfully emerging from the Management Appraisal

How accurate is the leader's opinion? How experienced is the leader in making assessments on individuals such as this one? And, even if they are experienced, how effective will they be in communicating their message? The opinion of the leader is relevant but flawed.View Paul Liu’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Paul has 6 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Paul’s connections and Joachim Kappel Management Consultants focuses on providing executive search and management appraisal services and related HR-Services: Drawing on over 25 years of experience Joachim Kappel has gained profound understanding of the needs and issues of a variety of markets, sectors and functions, with the focus on owner-operated and family-owned  · Egon Zehnder International has a somewhat unique international perspective on the appraisal of executives.

As a Firm, Egon Zehnder International interviews over , executives a year and forms a view about applicants' suitability for various business /international-aspect-of-management Egon Zehnder's Amsterdam office, opened in , reflects the vibrancy and culture of its home.

We are proud to focus on serving Dutch and international clients in every aspect of talent management, including succession planning, board reviews, executive team review and development, executive search.


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