Green up on aisle two

Kale and Spinach Side Dish For our very first foray, we chose to bring home some kale and spinach.

Green up on aisle two

Two On the Aisle Subtitle: Remembering a Revue Two On the Aisle, with music by Jule Styne and lyrics and comedy sketches by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, has the reputation for being the last of the "old-time" Broadway revues, which specialized in musical production numbers and comic bits that often bordered just this side of burlesque.

She was a little uneasy when she started; then she got more and more self-confidence. Tall and quite stunning, she looked great. It's my personal favorite. It had a remarkable story and I'm proud of the score.

The composers wrote an opening number, "Show Train," that, in a forerunner to Forbidden Broadway, parodied in capsule versions the season's hits: Lahr, alternately, portrayed a not-so-bright ballplayer, Queen Victoria, silent screen heartthrob Valentino, a super hero and, in a burlesque of Wagner's Ring, Siegfried to Gray's Brunnhilde.

Comden says Decca Broadway had done a wonderful job of making a show from the 50s sound brand new. Green said he and Styne were impressed by Gray's extraordinary versatility, her vocal inflections and her ability to shift moods.

That didn't matter, though. Onstage, they were professionals. Dolores and her mother, who was around all the time with here two toy poodles, were pretty resentful.

She would say, 'Did I have to come back to do this?

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The idea of Bert and Lena onstage would have been extraordinary. There weren't combinations like that in shows, a white man and black woman, and it would have been groundbreaking.

It took a long time for him to get in the swings of things, then he'd be great. He always had doubts, doubts, doubts about himself.

Green up on aisle two

He wasn't a natural, all-out optimist. He was uneasy opening night, worried someone would give him a lousy notice. After a while, Betty, Jule and I came to view his gloominess and lack of confidence as a certain charm.

He was a genius of a comedian. He had this wonderful, low-key and deadpan way of delivering comedy.Green Up on Aisle Two 1. What do you think of Wal-Mart’s green initiatives? Will it ever be able to achieve the reputation of being environmentally friendly? Wal-Mart and its Green Initiative Green up on Aisle 2 2 April Goal 2: Cut 20 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions Goal 3: Collaborate with suppliers and experts The plan Phase 1: Gather information via survey of suppliers Phase 2: Enter information into massive database.

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I will definitely be back."4/4(55). Two on the Aisle (Musical, Original) opened in New York City Jul 19, and played through Mar 15, Product Description. Two On The Aisle ( Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Various Artists.

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