Inspection of aircraft tyres

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Inspection of aircraft tyres

Aircraft tyre tread patterns are designed to facilitate stability in high crosswind conditions, to channel water away to prevent aquaplaningand for braking effect.

Inspection of aircraft tyres

Some types of nose wheel tyres include one or two chine moulded into the rubber on the shoulder buttresses that deflects water away during aircraft movement on a wet runway. Aircraft tyres also include heat fuses sometimes called fusible plugs which are designed to melt at a certain Inspection of aircraft tyres in order to reduce the risk of an explosive deflation due to overheating.

Effects There are 2 primary hazards associated with tyres: Deflation; the tyre deflates in a controlled manner with minimal direct consequence to other systems. Explosive break-up; the tyre and sometimes the wheel holding the tyre deflates or breaks-up in an uncontrolled manner with a significant probability of secondary damage to other unrelated systems.

These hazards are associated with 4 distinct periods of aircraft operation: In-cockpit procedures for landing can also influence the occurrence of damage to the tyres.

Long taxi patterns at heavy weights with tight turns will generate a lot of heat in the tyres, even if the brakes are used sparingly. This could cause the heat fuses to melt, resulting in a controlled deflation of the tyre. Dependent upon a number of factors, including the remaining number of tyres on the aircraft, there may be restrictions on further aircraft movement prior to the wheel being changed.

Care and Maintenance

High speed aborts generate a great deal of heat in both the brakes and the tyres and restrictions may need to be placed on the degree of ground movement that can be undertaken after an abort. The potential consequences of a high speed abort are, therefore, the melting of the heat fuses and the consequential impact as above.

FOD can have catastrophic consequences. An immediate landing will be the priority. Rapid retraction of the undercarriage following a long, high speed, heavy weight taxi with immediate take-off, or multiple touch-and-goes during crew training, can lead to the tyres overheating in the wheel well.

The heat fuses should prevent an explosive deflation, but it is not guaranteed.

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The main problem with this event is that the crew are potentially unaware that they have an issue with the undercarriage until secondary effects start to occur during the landing run. A number of issues can arise from landing with a deflated tyre: Handling issues may arise during the landing roll-out phase, and in severe cases may cause the aircraft to depart the prepared surface.

Landing with a deflated tyre will put additional strain on the remaining tyres, with an increased potential for one or more to subsequently suffer an explosive deflation due to overstress. The implication for secondary damage to the aircraft is high and the potential for rapid aircraft arrest and evacuation is enhanced.Aircraft Tire Care & Maintenance Revised–3/ Introduction The information in this manual is designed to help aircraft owners and maintenance personnel obtain optimum service from their bias and radial aircraft tires.

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The discussions contained in this. specifications, and the use of special nondestructive inspection (NDI) techniques. This material Inspection, Retread, Repair, and Alterations of Aircraft Tires, dated September 27, , is canceled. AC A - Inspection, Retread, Repair, . General Aviation Tires. General Aviation owners and pilots fly with the leader.

The Goodyear Aviation Wall Calendar proudly features a Waco YKC. Failure to make verification with the aircraft manufacturer and installing unapproved tires on an aircraft may result in tire failure causing property damage, serious injury, or loss of.

specifications, and the use of special nondestructive inspection (NDI) techniques. This material Inspection, Retread, Repair, and Alterations of Aircraft Tires, dated September 27, , is canceled.

AC A - Inspection, Retread, Repair, and Alterations of Aircraft Tires. This page lists the major suppliers to the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft program.

Inspection of aircraft tyres

Contents. This page features press reports about serious incidents, not to endorse any media sensationalism where it exists, but rather to show the knowledgeable reader with his knowledge of the aircraft and the industry, how events can be misunderstood or misrepresented.

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