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At Bonnier Corporation, your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, services, and websites offered by Bonnier Corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliated companies collectively, "Bonnier". To better protect your privacy, we provide this notice explaining our privacy practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used by Bonnier. Jeremy Thompson, General Counsel N.

Online privacy

The type of information we collect depends on how you use our Sites and our Apps. Through our Sites and our Apps, the Bank collects information that either alone or when combined with other information identifies you as an individual.

The Bank calls this information "Personal Information. If you do not bank online with us, we do not collect, capture, or retain Personal Information when you are just browsing our Sites or our Apps. We only collect the following anonymous information we call "Site Visit Information" when you visit our Sites or use our Apps: In addition to the Site Visit Information discussed above, if you apply for a new deposit or investment account online, we collect Personal Information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address, and your account history information, Social Security Number or other identification information, and other account qualification information.

The Bank keeps this collected information from both completed and partially completed applications. Online Banking and Investment Customers: In addition to the Site Visit Information discussed above, if you do bank online with us, you are required to create an online banking profile by supplying a username, password, email address, and answers to a few security questions.

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Once you have created your online banking profile, we also collect and retain certain Personal Information including: Online Credit and Loan Applicants: In addition to the Site Visit Information discussed above, if you choose to apply for credit or a loan online, we collect your name, address, telephone number, Social Security Number, date of birth, income, debts, email address, account history information, employment history and other credit qualification information.

We keep this collected information from both completed and partially completed applications. Credit and Debit Card Reward Customers: In addition to the Site Visit Information, if you are a credit or debit card customer, and you decide to register for online access to the Bank of the West Rewards Program the Rewards Program we collect: Our Sites offer tools for consumers to participate in rate-watch services and receive alerts when certain loan rates reach a desired level as well as tools to obtain approximate values for collateral provided by Bank approved valuation guides.

This information may also help consumers obtain loan rate quotations. Visitors who use these tools may be required to provide name, postal and email addresses, telephone number, vehicle information, seller or dealer information, and type of loan.

If you use our mobile deposit services, and take photographs of checks using our App, we will also collect an image of your check solely to process your deposit. We do not sell or lease the Personal Information we collect to non-affiliate third parties for marketing purposes, but we may share certain information with our affiliates and select non-affiliated third parties for other purposes.

You should read this section carefully to learn more about what we do with the Personal Information you share with us: When you visit our Sites or use our Apps we use anonymous information to help us remember you and your preferences.

For more information on how we do this, please read the section on " Cookies and Beacons " below. Our Sites also collect location information with your permission, and we use that information to enhance the quality of our services by helping you find ATM and branch locations.

Finally, we use and may share Site Visit Information for analytics and advertising purposes to improve our products and services as well as to allow us to provide advertising that is more relevant to the customer.

For more information about this, please read the section of this Notice on " Digital Advertising. If you apply for a deposit or investment account through our Sites, we may use the Personal Information you provide and share it with others to process your request for an account, to obtain background and credit information about you from third parties to the extent permitted by law or, if you share your telephone number, email address or physical address with us, we may use that information to contact you about the services for which you expressed an interest.

Online Banking Customer Information: We also use this anonymous information for online behavioral advertising.

Online privacy

We may share information about you with third parties, in accordance with our Consumer Privacy Policy. Such disclosure may be made, for example, if you have asked us to share information with the third party or we are required to disclose the information to complete a transaction on your behalf.

Please see our Consumer Privacy Policy for more information.Featured Articles. Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Micro-Uavs, Drones) in Plant Ecology Applications in Plant Sciences.

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New technologies are making it easier for governments and corporations to learn the minutiae of our online activities. Corporations collect our information to sell to the highest bidder while an expanding surveillance apparatus and outdated privacy laws allow the government to monitor us like never more and more of our lives moving online.

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