Respiratory problems caused by vehicals

Respiratory problems caused by vehicals Essay - Paper Example Respiratory problems caused by vehicals Essay I have worked in this field for quite a few years now but what I have noticed is that more problems have been reported sinceand has been drastically increasing - Respiratory problems caused by vehicals Essay introduction.

Respiratory problems caused by vehicals

Class-action lawsuit filed after Volkswagen admits its 'clean diesel" vehicles aren't so clean.

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September 21, — A Volkswagen emissions lawsuit has been filed in California that accuses the automaker of cheating owners of aboutVW diesel vehicles.

Environmental Protection Agency EPA for using a "defeat device" to give false readings during official government emissions tests.

The plaintiffs claim without the illegal defeat device software, VW would not have sold even one "clean diesel" vehicle in the U. In place of doing the right thing, the automaker spent years hiding the devices and allowedof these "clean" vehicles on the roads.

Nitrogen oxides are a group of gases that create smog, acid rain and ground-level ozone, in addition to bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory problems. According to the EPA, nitrogen oxides are one of the main causes of ground-level ozone which can play havoc with breathing and congestion, especially to children.

Researchers discovered emissions irregularities in a Jetta and a Passat that were significantly higher than standards. The VW Jetta was 15 to 35 times higher and the Passat exceeded standards by 5 to 20 times. Missing its opportunity to tell the truth, Volkswagen responded that the high emissions readings could have been caused by technical issues.

Respiratory problems caused by vehicals

However, VW did order a recall in Decemberyet the automaker kept its mouth shut about the defeat device and EPA testing continued to show inflated nitrogen oxide readings.

Volkswagen finally admitted it had been cheating the system and its customers when both CARB and the EPA refused to grant the automaker a "certificate of conformity" for any model year VW diesel vehicle.

Respiratory problems caused by vehicals

Knowing none of the cars could be sold without a certificate, VW came clean and admitted its "clean diesel" vehicles aren't that clean after all. The lawsuit hits VW and its "clean diesel" claims by using Volkswagen's own words against itself.

Further, the lawsuit accuses VW of selling vehicles with emissions standards that don't meet federal law by using a device that can't be fixed without altering advertised fuel economy and the performance of the vehicles. The plaintiffs claim they would not have paid what they did or possibly wouldn't have purchased the VW diesel vehicles if the automaker would have admitted the vehicles couldn't pass emissions tests.

While federal and state authorities may seek civil penalties to redress environmental harms, the class action lawsuit that Girard Gibbs LLP filed today in federal court seeks to enforce consumer protection laws that provide vital remedies for consumers who were allegedly defrauded by Volkswagen.

Mura, plaintiff's attorney The Volkswagen emissions lawsuit was filed in the U. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.It is a strong irritant that can cause constriction of the airways, forcing the respiratory system to work harder in order to provide oxygen.

It can also cause other health problems including: Aggravated respiratory disease such as emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. Air pollutants emitted from cars are believed to cause cancer and contribute to such problems as asthma, heart disease, birth defects and eye irritation.

Emissions from cars increase the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. respiratory problems caused by vehicals Essay Aim- To find out the role of vehicles in causing respiratory health problems.

Objectives- 1. Making an analysis/ comparing health problems faced with vehicles. 2. Bringing awareness in my area. 3. particularly indoors, in poorly ventilated houses, are a major source of health problems including acute and chronic respiratory diseases, malignancies of the aero-digestive tract and lungs, burns, eye diseases, low birth weights and increased infant mortality.

Nearly all respiratory diseases can be caused or exacerbated by environmental exposures. The identification and control of relevant exposures has the potential to improve clinical outcomes and protect others from the development of respiratory disease.

May 21,  · The problem is, however, that these systems need to be extremely well-maintained, checked and cleaned, or all these benefits are trumped by breathing problems and infections.

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