The required managerial skills by a manager flexibility accountability and leadership in the workpla

What are the seven steps to problem solving and decision making as presented in your materials for review? Describe what occurs in each step. How do you typically solve problems? Do you have a standardized way of solving problems, that is, a method that you use?

The required managerial skills by a manager flexibility accountability and leadership in the workpla

The fight or flight response is a basic instinct that is triggered when a human being or animal is faced with a life threatening external stimulus. The underlying tenet of the said behaviour is that animals will either choose an exit or choose a duel, once faced with a challenging presence that puts their mortality in danger.

Sadly, despite the fact that we, human beings, are considerably more evolved than other species belonging to the animal kingdom, we too exhibit the fight or flight coping mechanisms. This is exactly why a sense of accountability proves challenging to instill in people, even in a position of leadership and management.

After all, it is easier not to have anything to do with a seemingly ill-fated issue, rather than to meet it head on. Lessons from the past Ina woman succumbed to a heinous crime which was witnessed by at least 38 witnesses.

The incident happened in less than 35 minutes and although there was enough time to interfere with the crime, which eventually killed the victim, the witnesses opted to sit back and isolate themselves from the incident.

Now we can only speculate how different the outcome may have been if one of the witnesses decided to assume accountability and intervene.

The unfortunate explosion of the Challenger Shuttle was caused by faulty O-rings Challenger Shuttle developed by an industrial company called Morton Thiokol. One of the engineers from the company had recognised the dysfunctional O-rings but instead of going out of his way to decide whether to amend the glitch or, at the very least, inform the appropriate individuals who could then decide on the matter, he allowed the dysfunctional products to pass quality control.

The ending, as we know now, was an accident that could have been prevented easily. A study in accountability In research conducted to determine how individuals respond to a call for personal responsibility and accountability, a very curious observation was made: This indicates that people are less likely to assume a challenging role if there are other people around who could do the job.

The outcome of the research is relevant in positions of leadership and management. In a workplace environment comprised of individuals with different values, diverse personal backgrounds, and belonging to various levels of the corporate hierarchy, how can a leader or manager make sure that a sense of accountability from each individual is not hindered?

Leaders and mangers can develop such skills and understand the values of accountability through effective leadership and management training courses. Nicholas Hill Nicholas C. Become a highly productive manager and influential leader today.

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Visit the website or call now to find out more or request a FREE consultation.Leadership and Managerial Skills Effective leadership and managerial skills help to achieve joint task completion within a motivated, fully-functioning team through co-ordination and persuasiveness. Use of authority and assertiveness.

The Required Managerial Skills by a Manager: Flexibility, Accountability, and Leadership in the Workplace. As we see more workplaces like this and more flexibility in the workplace, managers are really going to have to focus more on the communication aspects and relationship management,” she says.

The required managerial skills by a manager flexibility accountability and leadership in the workpla

To be a good leader, it is critical to develop management skills relating to delegation and feedback. Differences in employee abilities, skills, and style are inevitable and must be managed in order to meet workplace demands.

Nov 14,  · However, personal accountability is a critical step towards improving leadership. When people are accountable for their own decisions, work, and results, .

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Skills Required For Effective Management And Leadership Education Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, PERSONAL LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Aptly assigns work and authority to others in the completion of goals provides advice and assistance as required.

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