Worcester state university exploring the opportunities

We welcome the following individuals who have been hired to tenure-track positions beginning fall His current work analyzes the intersection of global neoliberal principles and post-colonial social welfare policies, and the consequences for education.

Worcester state university exploring the opportunities

However, this mid-sized suburb has a rich history with an 18th-century house and museum, landmarks and beautifully preserved Colonial homes. With its location near Lake Quinsigamond, Shrewsbury also has a number of parks and open spaces to enjoy outdoor pursuits.

Ward was a man of many hats, literally and figuratively, as he worked as a justice of the peace, Worcester County chief justice, president of the Executive Council in the Massachusetts Senate, and Speaker of the House in the Massachusetts Senate.

In addition to his many military duties, Ward was commander-in-chief of one the Revolutionary War's most important battles, the Battle of Bunker Hill. After the heroic stand at Bunker Hill and the evacuation of the British from Boston, Ward returned to Shrewsbury full-time where he lived the rest of his life.

The Ward family lived in the Artemas Ward House from untilwhen the property was given to Harvard University.

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Artemas Ward received both bachelor's and master's degrees from Harvard. The house displays an array of family heirlooms from walking sticks to Windsor chairs, and it tells a story of simpler times where there was no running water or electricity.

The house is magnificently maintained, and many of the artifacts such as cribs, tubs, bandboxes for storage, and even Ward's traveling liquor chest are in excellent condition. Photographs dating back toand 18th-century paintings have been restored to tell the many stories that occurred over years.

There are 14 rooms in all and the simple, yet classic, design of the home allows visitors to appreciate how the family made the most out of every interior space.

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The barn served as a dairy farm from the 19th century well into the 20th, and is a rare example of a barn preserved as part of a museum. The structure was actually two barns combined into one and was fully restored in It still holds numerous antique farm tools and vehicles.

The Ward House and Museum is a tribute to one of America's most important historical figures, and its classic, sturdy, simple construction has stood the tests of time and the elements while maintaining its Colonial charm.

Dean Park Across from the Ward House is Dean Park, a large, clean, well-maintained park with numerous outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Dean Park also played a significant role in history as Artemas Ward lived on the grounds as a child. Baseball, tennis, basketball, walking trails, fishing, picnicking and cross- country skiing are all available to visitors.

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The park provides an oasis in which to read a book under the shade of a tree, or run the mile-long loop through a wooded wilderness. The signature attraction at Dean Park is the fountains. The fountains were a gift from the Donahue family of Shrewsbury, and they put on quite a synchronized show, especially when colored lights accompany the spouting water.

Patriotic, popular or classical music plays on Downtown Shrewsbury Shrewsbury not only offers shopping and dining opportunities downtown, but it's also a great area to view historical landmarks.

Visitors can see the Schoolhouse, now home to the Shrewsbury Historical Society; in addition to a schoolhouse, the building also served as a temporary police station, a home to Civil War veterans, and a lecture hall.

Drive along Main Street, Prospect Street, Grafton Street and notice beautifully maintained historic homes that demonstrate the classic construction of the Colonial era.All Numbered Sessions Listing Tuesday, October 17 PM– PM 1. ASHG Presidential Address: Checking, Balancing, and Celebrating Genetic Diversity South Hall B, Level 1, Convention Center.

William Hansen, Worcester State University From your experience, what practices make for excellent online Earth Science learning? Timely responses to student questions are vital. About State Alumni. The International Exchange Alumni website is the U.S.

Worcester state university exploring the opportunities

Department of State’s official website for more than 1,, current emerging leaders who have participated in U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.

Westfield State University Environmental Scan February 1, ü Worcester State University • In addition to the state universities, the Massachusetts Department of Higher • The state of Massachusetts is saturated with higher education opportunities.

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Worcester state university exploring the opportunities

Join us at the Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, to discuss unclaimed and abandoned property issues and how they affect the museum community. Several of our New England states have passed legislation to help the museums in their states deal with this challenging .

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